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The super stylish Click Clock alarm clock – responds to the click of a finger or the clap of a hand

– display time, date and temperature alternately
– gravity controlled alarm with touch sensitive snooze
– LED display automatically switches off when it’s quiet
– 12/24 hours and Celsius or Fahrenheit format display can be selected
– European or American date format can be selected
– LED display automatically dims half between 9pm and 7am
– dual power supply: DC5V/0.5-1A plug adapter (included) or 3*AAA batteries (not included)
– can be set on permanent display without going off
– in-built internal memory battery to keep all your custom settings
– 5 or 7 days alarm setting
– product material: ABS with orange rubberised finish
– product size: 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm
– product weight: 300g

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The Click Clock can tell you the time, date and temperature. With no visible numbering on the block, it automatically lights up when the alarm goes off or as a response to clicked fingers or clapped hand.

Diplays time, date and temperature alternately. 12/24hr and C/F formats can be selected. Automatic dimmer function. Battery or USB power input. 5 and 7 day alarm settings


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