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Block Party Game

Block Party Game

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Even my husband likes this game and suggests we play it!!!

Great fun and perfect for all ages. You're given a list of items to build and you must secretly choose one. Then all makers grab little coloured wooden blocks at the same time and get building - but be quick before the timer runs out. 

What have you built?  An aubergine .... or a tennis racquet??  One person will be the guesser. Can you figure out what everyone has built?

There are extra challenges too!
Who can build the tallest object? The object with the fewest colours? Extra points for completing Block Party challenges

See how to play HERE

What’s in the box?
180 wooden blocks
46 cards
6 steal tokens
6 building mats
1 score track
1 guesser token

20 MINS; 3 or more PLAYERS; AGE 8+

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