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Disney Colourbrain Game

Disney Colourbrain Game

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A Disney revamp of this popular colour quiz game. Just like normal Colourbrain, each player has 11 Colour Cards.

To answer one of our crafty Disney questions, they decide which ones to play, hope the others slip up, then live happily ever after!

START WITH THE ANSWERS In Disney Colourbrain all the answers you need are in your hand. And they’re all colours!

COLOURFUL DISNEY QUESTIONS What colour was the poisoned apple in Snow White, the Genie’s skin in Aladdin, and 248 more.

PIXAR TOO The questions in Disney Colourbain come from the whole world of Disney, including Pixar movies and Winnie-the-Pooh.

Age: 6+ Players: 2-20 Duration: 20 mins

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