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Shoot for the Stars

Shoot for the Stars

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A game about guessing as high as you dare.

HOW MANY BEANS IN A TIN OF BEANS? A family trivia board game for kids and adults where all the answers are numbers! Includes questions about everything from hot dogs to Harry Potter.

YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW THE ANSWER: Unlike other family quiz games, you don’t need to get the question spot-on to win points! Just get close to the right answer… without going over.

TO INFINITY — BUT BE WARNED: Make the right call and you’ll be shooting off with the points. But shout out a number that’s too high and you’ll be crash-landing!

15 mins; 2-8 PLAYERS; AGE 10+

What’s in the box?
200 question cards
8 character chips
8 astronaut meeples
50 star coins
1 punch board ship
1 playing board


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