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What Next? Pick your own path game

What Next? Pick your own path game

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ADVENTURE AWAITS: Do you remember those books where you could choose the direction of the story.... "If you want to follow the thief into the dungeon go to page 53..."  Well, this is one of those books - but as an amazing game!!!

A pick your path adventure game that’s packed with challenges.  Can be played alone (like the books) or with a group.  

See video of how to play here

40 MINS, 1-4 PLAYERS, recommended AGE 10+


Work together to pick your path through three epic adventures and reach the end of the story in one piece.

From puck-flicking to shape building to item balancing, master over 60 unique mini games as you go.

Whenever someone fails a challenge, add a Peril Piece to the ‘Tower of Peril’. If it topples, it’s game over for everyone!

What’s in the box?
238 cards, 12 Peril Pieces, 15 Item Pieces, 12 Shape Pieces, 3 Sundials, 1 triangle slider, 1 puck, 1 drawstring bag

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